Our Yearly Shows

2019 Show
"Be Our Guest"

Your favorite songs from your favorite animated films

Our guest performers this year were the Black Hills Showcase Chorus, Dynamix and Maelstrom!.

2019 Show Poster
2018 Show
2018 Show Poster American Made

Our guest performers this year were Black Hills Blend Quartet, the Black Hills Showcase Chorus, Dynamix and Checkpointe!.

2017 Show
"Embrace (A Mother's Day Celebration)"

An effort to express an "appreciation for mothers"

Our guest performers this year were the Black Hills Showcase Chorus, Dynamix and Vocal Spectrum.

2017 Show Poster
2016 Show
2016 Show Poster Sound Celebration

Our guest performers this year were Singers from Southwest Middle School, The Central High School Boys Ensemble, The Davis Sisters and Saturday Evening Post.

2015 Show

Featuring the Music of the American Military Experience

Our guest performers this year were the Black Hills Showcase Chorus, Dynamix and Quorum.

2015 Show Poster
2014 Show
2014 Show Poster Rockin' It A Cappella

Featuring songs from the 50's to present day

Our guest performers this year were a Rapid City Middle School combined choir, the Black Hills Showcase Chorus and DaCapo, 2011 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champions.

2013 Show
This is My Country
Songs of America

Featuring songs from around this great country of ours from California to New York, Illinois to Texas and points between.

Our guest performers this year were Prestige, 2011 International College Quartet Champions from Northwest Ohio.

2013 Show Poster
2012 Show
2012 Show Poster Tunes From Tinseltown

Featured the songs of the movies, from the Lion King to Wizard of Oz

Our guest performers this year were McPhly, a young, hip quartet from Denver, Colorado, and the Stevens High School Singers.

2011 Show
Crooning the Memories
Barbershop Style

Featured the songs commonly known to be sung by the "Crooners" -- Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble' and many others.

Special guest performers for the matinee performance were local favorites The Potter Family.

2011 Show Poster
2010 Show
2010 Show Poster Anniversary Show of Champions

The Show featured music the chorus has done over its 40 year history.

Special Guests - Rocky Mountain District quartets,VLQs and small choruses, PLUS, coming out of retirement for this show only, Gotcha!

2009 Show
There's A Meetin' Here Tonight

The Show featured gospel music.
Songs done in the style of the Gaither Homecoming television shows.

Special Guests - A Cappella Showcase, Black Hills Gospel Quartet, Bells of the Hills

2009 show poster
2008 Show
2008 show poster All That Jazz

The Show featured swing and jazz music.

Guest Quartet - Cayenne

Featured Guests - Gotcha!
2004 International Quartet Champions

2007 Show
Barbershop Goes Broadway

The Show featured a look at Broadway.
Guest Quartet - S'Blended

Featured Guests - Ignition!
2005 Rocky Mountain District Champions

2007 show poster
2006 Show
2006 show poster Our Heritage of Harmony

The Show was a review of Barbershop singing through the years.

Featured Guests - The Summit
2005 Buckeye International Entertainment Champions

2005 Show
Doo Wop Saturday Night!

The Show featured songs such as: "Under the Boardwalk", "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight", "The Longest Time", "Silhouettes", and many more.

Guest Quartet - Hot Flash

Featured Guests - NeXus

This poster was entered in the Society's Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors (PROBE) contest and won first place in the 11" x 17" category.

2005 show poster
2004 Show
2004 Show program

The 2004 Show featured music from the 60's. The Beatles, Righteous Brothers, Beach Boys, Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, and many more.

Guest Quartet - Graffiti

Featured Guests - Storm Front